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Moonlight Mirage | Chapter 1
by Pony Princess, age 13
Moonlight Mirage

The mare lay in the grassy fields inside a circle of caravans. The moonlight fell on her heaving sides. She gave a long whinny into the night. She was about to bring her foal into the world...

"Teresa, wake up!" Rose shook her older sister awake. Fourteen-year-old Teresa stirred and opened her eyes.

"What is so important in the middle of the night?" she yawned.

"Jewel having her foal!" Rose said excitedly.

That got Teresa up and moving. She followed her sister out of their colorful Gypsy caravan. Her family owned several majestic Gypsy Vanner horses. Teresa loved the beautiful horses with their piebald coloring and feathery hooves. Her papa had promised her the foal of the mare, Mountain Jewel, so she was anxious to see the baby. A shrill whinny cut through the Romanian night air. Teresa quickened her already fast pace. She found Jewel surrounded by her parents and other members of the caravans. Teresa found a space from where she could see the mare.

Half an hour later...

A small filly lay in the grass beside her mother. The group of humans watched through tired eyes as Jewel cleaned her newborn daughter with long strokes of her tongue.

Teresa's papa turned toward his daughter who was gazing at the filly. She said something softly.

"What?" her papa asked.

"Papa," Teresa said to him, "she is mine, right?"

Her papa nodded.

"Then her name shall be Mirage, Moonlight Mirage."

Papa nodded his approval.

The next morning, Teresa went out early to see Mirage. Papa said she could stay with the filly while they sold their things in Ploiesti, the nearby town. Teresa spotted her black and white filly standing by her mother. "Come here, girl," Teresa called.

Mirage turned her head towards Teresa, then turned back to the butterfly she was watching.

Teresa spent the day trying to bond with Mirage. When she walked back to the caravan to start a supper, she saw the rest of the Gypsies driving back with sad faces.

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